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I don’t usually do this, but I am so pissed of right now it’s not even funny. Do you see this man? His name is Vadim Kislov. And apparently he works at Florida International University.

Normally this wouldn’t worry me, except for the fact that he thinks that what happens to Daisy, of the Maryville rape case, was okay. According to the various comments he posted on various article that he’s shared about the case, Daisy deserved to be raped because she had been heavily drinking (even though she’d been pressured into it by the same guys that raped her) and because she was warned about these guys by others.

He even adds the analogy that getting that drunk was like “parking your car unlocked in a bad neighborhood and then being surprised in the morning that someone took your radio”

Except that Daisy is not a fucking object and these rapists took more than “just her radio”.

This is what I’m talking about when I tell people that rape culture does indeed still exist. That there are people out there that still believe that, because a person has had a little too much to drink, they deserve to be assaulted and humiliated and tortured, and that it’s STILL THIER FAULT!

Not to mention that this asshole WORKS AT A COLLEGE! YOU KNOW, WHERE THERES A VERY GOOD CHANCE THAT SOMEONE IS GONNA GET RAPED! Is this the kind of person you would want anywhere near a school, let alone working in one?

And another note: one of the people who commented on his status said that “just because it happened all the time in your dorm doesn’t make it right”. MEANING HE WITNESSED THIS HAPPEN TO GIRLS, OR AT LEAST KNEW WHAT WAS BEING DONE TO THEM AND DID NOTHING. ZIP. NADA. JUST ADDING ON THE EXTRA TOPPING OF ASSHOLE TO THIS DOUCHE SUNDAE.

So, I propose we make this motherfucker famous. I’ve seen Tumblr do it before, and it needs to happen with this guy, especially if he’s in a position of power at this school. Even if he’s not, I think future employers and even those who are in positions of power at the school would be interested to know what his disgusting views are. For anyone interested, I did a little research and the number to the Florida International University Ethics and Compliance hotline is 1-888-286-5154. Feel free to contact them there or on thier Facebook page, twitter etc. Let’s get this guys name and face out there.

UPDATE: after doing a little more digging, I discovered that Mr. Vadim Kislove is involved in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida International University

SECOND UPDATE: Once I was able to access the FIU site on my computer, I was able to find more ways to contact the college and let them know what Vadim Kislove feels about rape.

Florida International University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry:

Tel: (305) 348-2606



Here’s a masterlist of all the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry staff emails:

And the masterlist of all of faculty of DCB:

There you go! If you simply want to shoot them an email about Vadim Kislove’s behavior or leave them a phone message, the more people at the campus that know, the better.

This needs waaaaaay more notes.


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[TW: rape culture, victim blaming]








My boyfriend sent this to me a few minutes ago. I imagine he thought I’d find it funny, and in a very small way, I do — but only because of how sad this whole scenario is.

Emma Watson is one of the unfortunate women in the media who has been victimized by paparazzi taking and selling pictures of her in a compromised situation, much like what happened to Anne Hathaway not too long ago. Having those pictures available to the public, who can then use them to humiliate her like this asshole, is absolutely horrific and one of the least funny things about our society.

Emma, I’m not a huge fan of your work, but I’m a fan of you as a person and as a woman, and I’m a huge fan of your reaction to this guy trying to get the better of you.

This is sexual harassment.

No it is not, she knew paparazzi was going to be there, she knew she didn’t have underwear on, it is her fault for not covering up or wearing panties. She has to live with her choice and consequences.

Stop being stupid.

No. Watson’s underclothes aren’t our business. She didn’t consent to that picture being taken. She is not responsible for the actions of an entitled, shitty man. 

A paparazzi made the decision to take this picture. He then made the decision to sell this picture/make it public.

And then this motherfucking asshole decided to print it off and bring it to Watson to humiliate her. 

All because sexist assholes think they can pull this sort of bullshit on women and get away with it. And they do get away with it, because other sexist assholes like you shift responsibility to the victim.

Stop being stupid.

I would’ve punched this fucker in the face. (I’m reblogging as text because I think the image should be edited. It really isn’t okay to continue circulating a picture she didn’t consent to. If I knew how to edit the picture uploaded then I’d blur out the part of the image and reblog that way.)

(You’re totally right and I’m sorry I helped circulate that image. I’m deleting the previous reblogs and are-adding the image, now edited)

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Starting from the assumption that people are autonomous obscures the fact that most people aren’t. Autonomy for all might be a goal, but it does not accord with reality. In its crudest forms, autonomism starts from the viewpoint of the privileged and generalizes from that viewpoint, and in so doing it occludes difference. For a movement that claims to speak for the 99%, it is not good enough to only speak for, and provide a space for, autonomous people. If you are going to provide a space for “the 99%”, it must be recognized that many people have vulnerabilities, which generate different needs.

New Left Project: Rape and the Occupy Movement

This is pretty obvious feminism 101 stuff, but it’s a good argument: you can’t claim to represent the 99% and then take away part of the 99%’s voice and right to human dignity and safety.

trigger warning for rape, rape culture, victim blaming.

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Patriarchy and victim-blaming: In a nutshell.


When I was walking around town yesterday afternoon, I watched a student cross the road about 100 yards away from the lights and found myself thinking “really, you can’t just take care of yourself and cross where you’re supposed to and not put yourself in danger? If you get hit now, you’ll probably be blamed, and that makes sense.

And why?

Because we all accept that on the roads, cars have right of way over pedestrians. It is their understood right to drive right the hell on, and if you get in their way then you’ve knowingly put yourself in harm’s way.

Because we all knowingly accept that cars are all powerful on the roads.

So essentially, what you’re doing when you say “she should’ve known what she was getting herself in for when she wore that tight skirt, that’s just asking for trouble” is that men own the outside. Men are all powerful out-of-doors (and maybe inside, too, but I don’t have the strength to make that argument), so if you stumble onto their path, you’re putting yourself in danger because they have right of way.

This is what patriarchy means, in practice. This is why I can’t accept that you have any logical reasoning powers at work when you say that patriarchy is dead.

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