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Do your states’ members of Congress vote to protect the environment?

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There are more bullets to this list, but it’s telling that they list death as the first way to escape your student loans.

There are more bullets to this list, but it’s telling that they list death as the first way to escape your student loans.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Seattle cop caught threatening to make up evidence

A Seattle police officer has been caught on tape telling a recently arrested young African American man that he was going to make up evidence against him.

Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin were arrested at gunpoint in November of 2010 after police spotted them several blocks away from where an assault had been reported. Neither man was charged with any crime after their arrest, and they have sued the city for excessive force and wrongful arrest.

Both men allegedly suffered facial bruises after being kicked and thrown on the pavement as the police officers arrested them. While Lawson and Franklin were being taken to the police department, one of the officers also said he was going to make up evidence against them, an audio recording obtained KOMO 4 News revealed.

“Well, you’re going to jail for robbery that’s all,” the officer said.

“For robbery?” Franklin asked.

“Yeah, I’m gonna make stuff up,” the officer responded.

Seattle Police Sergeant Sean Whitcomb told KOMO 4 News that the comment was inappropriate, but that the department’s had investigated the complaint and exonerated the officer.

Fucking pig.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"What Conservatives say they want is “Small Government”.


What they are working on this year is Government that prohibits you from using contraception, that forcibly collects your urine, hair and blood, and that puts you in prison or deports you if it does not like the speeches you attend.  This stuff is happening all over, all the time now.  This is what Conservative Government is like this year.  It sort of seems to me that this ought to be a bigger National Story.”

~ Rachel Maddow

Friday, December 30, 2011
New Rule: You can’t claim to be the party of smaller government and make laws about love. “New Rules” by Bill Maher. (via saved-funny-stuff)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Not surprisingly, this gigantic loophole has made modern American libertarianism the favorite philosophy of a vast array of local bullies, who want to keep the big bully (government) off their backs so they can bully to their hearts’ content. The curtailment of government legitimacy, in the name of “liberty,” allows abusive bosses to abuse workers, racists to curtail opportunities for minorities, polluters to pollute without cost, religious groups to make religious minorities feel excluded, etc. In theory, libertarianism is about the freedom of the individual, but in practice it is often about the freedom of local bullies to bully. It’s a “don’t tattle to the teacher” ideology. Therefore I see no real conflict between Ron Paul’s libertarianism and his support for the agenda of racists. It’s just part and parcel of the whole movement. Not necessarily the movement as it was conceived, but the movement as it in fact exists. Noahpinion (via azspot)
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