Thursday, March 1, 2012

Attention people insinuating President Obama had Andrew Breitbart offed because he “had college videos of Obama”:

Just read Dreams from My Father. Not only is the writing fantastic, the President is pretty damn upfront about the boozing and weed-smoking he did in college. Unless the video was of him secretly fronting Columbia’s College Republicans, no one in his base would have been phased by it.

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    Less than that, actually. People are baffling sometimes. Instead of seeing an untimely death, there’s liberal bias and...
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    It’s not a new tactic/theory either.
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    Yes, people never die for any reason other than someone else wanted them dead. It must be a conspiracy. I will admit to...
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    There will always be some people looking to cry “CONSPIRACY!” at anything, especially when it agrees with their...
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    People are saying this. Actually saying this? I can’t.
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    also, folks insinuating that his death was anything more than it was, stop being so fucking racist.
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