Thursday, October 13, 2011

This was a comment on the above photo from the Walt Disney World Facebook fan page, of the Disney Princesses as little girls.  There were several people below this telling this woman that she was being racist, but… Seriously, America?

If anything, this lineup is TOO WHITE. There was a comment later on saying that they needed a Latina princess - Obviously, I “Liked” it.

(Source: seriouslyamerica)


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    If anything, remove Mulan. >.>
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    What in the fresh hell is wrong with people? If anything, I think it’s not diverse enough, I feel like the Pocahontas...
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    ^ DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. Seriously, just: DON’T. Tiana’s actually the least creepy of the dolls.
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    I guess Rapunzel isn’t too new then.
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    …Who the hell does she think Esmeralda is? Rapunzel?
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    WTF, Rapunzel is newer than Tiana.
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    Dats Fuckin Raciest . . Iwanna Kick dats person ass dat said dat!!
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    Ugh and also, who the fuck does she think Esmerelda is? She’s obviously not in this line-up. wtf. And I would LOVE to...
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    Well that’s special.
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    …Why are Pocahontas and Jasmine so pale here? I hate that. Is that what they looked like in the movies? It’s not how I...
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    Where’s Kida? And if Tiana is “too new,” so is Rapunzel. Oh, wait, “new” is code for “white.” Sorry. Sorry, Danielle. My...
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    did she think that Jazmine was Esmerelda??
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    Why are Mulan and Pocahontas so pale O_O
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    "the black one"? She can’t even be arsed to identify Tiana by name…? And “she doesn’t match” — so all princesses are...
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    Seriously? Ugh.
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    I was about to say. Esmerelda isn’t even in the fucking photo. And did this bitch just call Tiana the “black one”?...
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    Smfh Racist ass uneducated people dont deserve a voice -__-
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    -___- Tianna does deserve to be there, fuck you mean she don’t match! Mulan wasn’t no princess but I see no comment...
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