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Apr 20

The kick of girl-girl porno lies partly in its catering to the fantasy of violating the privacy of lesbians, of making even sex between women - something quite threatening to male sexual prerogative-serve a male agenda; the other, tacit element is the kick of seeing “normal”girls made to emulate homosexual activity. The assumption is that homosexual activity is repulsive, and that therefore the models are disgusted by it and endure it under some compulsion - whether the compulsion of money, force of personality, or physical threat.

Pictures of real lesbians - at Gay Pride rallies, for example - kissing, necking and flirting are often considered disgusting and ugly by the same men who enjoy girl-girl fantasy porn.

Lesbians in the public world who kiss, hold hands, or otherwise behave like a sexually intimate couple (in a restaurant, in a park, at a movie) have often been subjected to abuse, threats and violence from hetero men - the same men who constitute the market for ever-popular girl-girl porno.

” — Catharine A. Mackinnon, “Not For Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution & Pornography.” 2004. (via sanityscraps)

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I have an idea: reblog and add how much student loan debt you have

I’ll start: ~$22,000


$30,000 ish.


$89,000. I’ve paid it down about 1,200 in…

School loans is the only debt that people cannot get rid of due to bankruptcy and even death sometimes

Its actually sad that this generation won’t be able to enjoy the basics that our parents did due to these devil loans

Like I shouldn’t have to reconsider getting a car, a house or children because of my student loan

Nor should it be possible to be denied a job due to student loan debt (income to debt ratio on your credit score) but it happens all the time

$20,000 and this is after my undergrad and I worked for a few years to pay off my previous students debt.

~$50,000 and counting

We need the quiet person who doesn’t want to talk to the world but tells their best friend about accepting a fat body. We need the fat person who is willing to put on fashion that screams “I am here, and I won’t be ignored!” We need the people who will tell a doctor that fat is not an acceptable diagnosis and a diet is not an acceptable solution. We need the fatty who walks down the street with their head held high, knowing that they deserve a place in the world. We need each and every one of you.

It’s easy to think that you are not important if you aren’t a fat activist in front of the camera or a blogger telling the world that being fat is ok. But you are important – so very important. Though a speaker or writer may start the person thinking, what can really change their mind is seeing someone live it.

” — ~From the upcoming book The Unloved Child, Collateral Damage in the War on Obesity by Lonie McMichael, author of Talking Fat and Acceptable Prejudice? Fat, Rhetoric and Social Justice (via loniemc)

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“I think it was time for men to see what it was like. And this video, on the set as well, made people a little uncomfortable. It was funny to see that. Even though the treatment was the director’s idea, when we were doing the scene where they wash the cars, right? You’ve seen this scene a million times with girls. They’re in a bathing suit, they’re pouring water on themselves — you’ve seen it in movies even. You’ve seen it everywhere. They’re pouring water and suds all over themselves, they’re rubbing their boobs on the car, the whole thing. When we were doing this with the guys, the crew, the director — and he’ll admit this too — and the guys who had to do it after one take were like, “Well I think that’s enough. I think, you know, that’s cool.” I was like, “No!” Because if a girl were doing this right now, we’d be shooting it for an hour! Meanwhile we’ve done one take and you’re like, “That’s good.” I was like, “No, it’s not good! Rub your butt on the car!” It’s supposed to be funny, people have to get the joke, but they also have to see what it’s like. How absurd it is to do things like that. I asked the guys, “You feel absurd right now? Yes? Good, then we’re doing it right. Now rub your chest on the car and let’s go.” [laughs]
For me it was like, I just wanted them to see what it feels like. I wasn’t trying to have some big political conversation about it, but I am trying to say think about what you do.” — Jennifer Lopez, when asked about “I Luh Ya Papi” in this interview (via yah-booty)

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Apr 19



I can’t wait for Hillary to pull a BEYONCÉ. No promo, no campaign, no nothing. We will all just be sitting on twitter with our thumbs up our asses when our timeline suddenly starts to fill with the news that Hillary Rodham Clinton is now President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Slayed the game, and we weren’t even ready for it.

That’s called a coup. That’s a fascist dictatorship. That is the exact opposite of what anyone wants.

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Matt Davies


Matt Davies

It's Not the 'Confidence Gap' – Here's What's Really Holding Women Back -

“Trying to solve gender inequality in the workplace by telling women to be more confident is like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It may give the passengers something to do, but it definitely won’t stop the ship from sinking.” — Elizabeth Plank, It’s Not the ‘Confidence Gap’ – Here’s What’s Really Holding Women Back